Our company

Archon company exists on the market since 21st July 1993. At first it engaged in selling the drilling equipment of recognised domestic and foreign producers, cooperating with world leaders in this field, such as BOART LONGYEAR.

Making an effort to meet the demand of customers, in 1999 the production of the drilling equipment started in our own establishment in Trzebinia. The production is conducted in a modern factory of around 1300 m2. The plant includes also comfortable social background for the crew. The company is equipped with modern machines in the form of turning lathes, processing centres, friction welding machines, induction heating machines and other. It can perform a wide range of works associated with machining, heat processing, soldering and welding.

In 2008 we began cooperation with Comacchio S.R.L. - producer of drilling devices recognised in Europe and in the world. In the following year we increased the circle of our partners by Drillco Tools - producer of popular DTH hammers Puma and Interfels GmbH - geotechnical instrumentation manufacturer.

Our clients

We are cooperating with the majority of large firms and with many smaller drilling companies in Poland. Mines of hard coal, mineral resources, rock materials etc. are also our customers. We care about cooperation with every company engaged in drilling activity. We are vaunting the completeness of the offer package in the field of technique and the drilling technology that we can present to our Partners.

The reputation of our company is based on a great number of satisfied customers.

Our motto

Our motto: "Reply to every problem", we are treating very seriously. Design of machines and tools, their selection for different conditions, drawing up drilling technologies to specific needs of Customers - this is our mission in the business.

You need the assistance in solving problems connected with the drilling, with drilling technology, with drilling tools? Do you have a problem with the supply of appropriate devices?

If yes, we are ready to offer you advice and help.

We expect that our qualified staff, well equipped production plant and fast and competent service convince you to choose ARCHON as your business partner. We aren't concealing that at first contacts we need your acceptation. Then we will do everything in order not to disappoint your confidence.

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